Semi Rigid Hard Plastic spare wheel covers or alternative Soft Vinyl options from Aquarius Manufacturing Ltd. Turning up to a 4×4 event along with your fellow enthusiasts displaying the club motif or logo on your spare wheel covers will certainly get you noticed. Aquarius can supply wheel covers for the majority of Land Rover and Japanese 4x4s with a rear, side or bonnet mounted spare wheel. Even covers for some underslung spare wheels can be supplied. Plain and printed spare wheel covers can be supplied so call 01254 887511 for more details. Let your team stand out from the crowd and let people know who you are.

For serious 4×4 Off Roading, a polypropylene plastic wheel cover will stand up to the most severe conditions and offer extra protection to that expensive spare tyre exposed to rocks, tree roots and even recovery equipment. Our Spare Wheel Covers are long lasting and hard wearing.

Orders can be over a mix of sizes in Printed and Plain Semi Rigid Hard Plastic or tough Soft Vinyl option. Oversize tyres larger than 31.5 inches diameter can only be fitted with our Soft Vinyl covers. Just supply us with the 2 or 3 part code off the tyre wall and that is all we need to produce your top quality spare wheel cover.

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