Between the months of April and September, festivals and sporting events dominate the UK calendar. Such occasions, coupled with the pleasant weather, attract mass crowds as thousands of fans gather to see their idols.

The regularity of these outdoor social events means they are ideal for small businesses seeking to gain exposure to a continuous stream of large, targeted audiences. For businesses that operate from a trailer with a mounted spare wheel such as those in catering, these types of gatherings are a perfect match. Although a pitch at music festival or a football match can be costly at first, the brand exposure businesses can achieve with a spare wheel cover showcasing their logo is invaluable. Best of all, even on the drive home after a hard day’s work, a spare wheel cover can showcase your business to onlookers whilst on the move. Thus, for a small investment, a spare wheel cover can take a business to the next level with the help of simple yet effective brand marketing.

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