The need to protect spare wheels often gets ignored as the assumption for many is that a spare wheel is always ready and available for use regardless if it is protected or not. However, spare wheels are in fact unlikely to be fit for use if they are left exposed to the outside elements for long periods. A cover that can offer protection to a spare wheel is a necessary investment, especially when venturing off-road and in challenging environments is a regular activity. There are four good reasons why everyone with a spare wheel should own a cover, these are: protection, advertising, personalisation and professionalism.


In rough terrain, spare wheel covers are essential in protecting the wheel from harmful damage. Heat, sunlight, dry rotting and sand are all factors that can seriously harm the condition of a spare wheel if left unprotected. Furthermore, in the winter months, the changing of a wheel can be made difficult if the spare is jammed with snow and ice. A wheel cover can prevent these from issues from developing and better still, they require very little maintenance. Other than removing them once in a while to clean debris and internal dust, wheel covers are straightforward to manage and can easily endure car washes.

Cost effective advertising

Thousands of people a year will see a wheel cover advertisement whilst going about their daily business, all without any substantial investment required. This is because wheel covers are inexpensive, and only need to be bought once. Unlike billboard campaigns and TV, radio and print, wheel covers require no consistent reoccurring fees which makes them effectively free advertising all year round. An advertisement on a vehicle has the potential to reach a larger audience than pretty much any other advertising form. Local promotion produces excellent results because people are more likely to deal with nearby companies. Most businesses who have vehicle advertisement gain more customers from its vehicle advertising than its website.


Wheel covers that are personalised with bright colours and messages help make a vehicle and the brand its promoting stand out from all the other cars on the road. Adding a personalised touch to a wheel cover can be a great way of grabbing the attention of fellow drivers on the mundane journey to work or on the school run, giving them something to read and something to think about.


Any well-designed form advertising will give a business a higher degree of professionalism and this is no different for vehicle signages. Not only do branded wheel covers gives clients a greater confidence in the business, they can also help generate more leads and sales whilst on the move.

Aquarius Manufacturing Limited is a market leader in the manufacturing and personalisation of spare wheel covers. They have a long history of providing high-quality, branded 4X4 wheel covers to a range of businesses including dealership owners, trailer owners and horsebox owners. Aquarius work within the Euro Extrusions family which offer a range of plastic extrusion services throughout the UK. Working with customers through every stage of the design process, Aquarius ensure every spare wheel cover is ready to fit on delivery.

For more information regarding branded spare wheel covers, contact us here or speak to a member of our team on 01254 887511.

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