Your vehicle branding follows you everywhere you go, meaning you can advertise to the precise people you need to on a moment’s notice. Bold designs can catch attention, but simple designs can work even better in the right circumstances, when other eye-catching features are included on the vehicle or surrounding environment.


The relative low cost of branded spare wheel covers means that different designs can be switched out for different events and purposes. This is very useful for advertising different products or sister companies and can really capitalise on the specific marketing that branded wheel covers allow.


Advertising on your own vehicle will stay for years to come, garnering publicity for your company for as long as you display the advert. This is a huge advantage over traditional advertising such as newspaper or billboard ads. Traditional advertising methods require a large upfront payment for a relatively short run (usually a week or two for newspapers), whereas vehicle branding has a much lower upfront cost and a much longer run time.

Large, targeted audiences

Researchers have found that branded vehicles can gain 40,000 to 70,000 impressions a day, which works wonders for brand awareness. If you regularly attend horse shows with your horseboxes then not branding your vehicles is a huge missed opportunity. With a branded spare wheel cover you can advertise to your target market passively, whilst keeping the design of the overall horsebox simple.

Ideal Markets

Your customers are often exactly where you are. While at horse shows, you are surrounded by interested parties looking to spend money on your products. Even when you’re stuck in traffic on your mid-morning commute you are surrounded by hundreds of generally middle-aged commuters with steady incomes. Branded spare wheel covers are perfect for capitalising on these captive audiences.


Spare wheel covers are a great vehicle branding technique and have the added benefit of protecting the spare wheel from damage, such as water, UV and physical damage, as well as general wear and tear. This ensures the spare wheel is always in full working order when you need it.

Aquarius Manufacturing Limited is a market leader in the manufacture of spare wheel covers to 4×4 dealerships and owners, trailer owners and horse box owners. Aquarius has a strong client base across the UK and beyond. Aquarius’ parent company, Euro Extrusions are world class plastic extruders, with decades of experience in plastic extrusion and vacuum forming with a range of plastics, including High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and polypropylene sheet. With short lead times, Aquarius can customise printed spare wheel covers that come complete and ready to fit.

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